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1. Choose an amount or service
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75 min د.إ.‏ 657.14
90 min د.إ.‏ 620.00
90 min د.إ.‏ 609.52
90 min د.إ.‏ 609.52
75 min د.إ.‏ 623.81
90 min د.إ.‏ 657.14
60 min د.إ.‏ 676.19
60 min د.إ.‏ 400.00
120 min د.إ.‏ 700.00
135 min د.إ.‏ 800.00
60 min د.إ.‏ 423.81
90 min د.إ.‏ 523.81
90 min د.إ.‏ 500.00
60 min د.إ.‏ 400.00
60 min د.إ.‏ 442.86
90 min د.إ.‏ 542.86
60 min د.إ.‏ 433.33
90 min د.إ.‏ 533.33
45 min د.إ.‏ 352.38
90 min د.إ.‏ 561.90
90 min د.إ.‏ 545.00
30 min د.إ.‏ 284.76
60 min د.إ.‏ 400.00
90 min د.إ.‏ 500.00
90 min د.إ.‏ 561.90
60 min د.إ.‏ 461.90
90 min د.إ.‏ 561.90
120 min د.إ.‏ 733.33
135 min د.إ.‏ 828.57
120 min د.إ.‏ 733.33
150 min د.إ.‏ 835.23
270 min د.إ.‏ 1776.19
120 min د.إ.‏ 730.48
120 min د.إ.‏ 771.43
90 min د.إ.‏ 619.05

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Happy Birthday
I've Made Santa'..
Santa's Nice Lis..
Thank You You're..
Spa-velous Mum
Under the Mistle..
I Love You
Santa Knows That..
The Best Teacher..
You Make My Worl..
Mothers Day
Eid Mubarak
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SensAsia Urban Spas
SensAsia gift certificates can only be redeemed at any SensAsia branch in the UAE by logging on to ww.sensasiaspas.com or calling a specific branch. SensAsia gift certificates can only be redeemed towards spa services unless otherwise stated. Any unused amounts will remain on the card as a balance to be used before the expiry date stated. These vouchers will not be extended. No exceptions will be made. SensAsia gift certificates cannot be reloaded, transferred, resold or traded for a cash value, used to purchase retail items. SensAsia Urban Spas cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
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